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Lamp Development

(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python)

The acronym LAMP refers to a solution stack of software, usually free and open source software, used to run dynamic Web sites or servers.

The original expansion is as follows :

  • Linux, referring to the operating system
  • Apache, the Web server
  • My SQL, the database management system (or database server)
  • PHP (one of several scripting languages: Perl, PHP or Python)

The combination of these technologies is used primarily to define a web server infrastructure, define a programming paradigm of developing software, and establish a software distribution package.

LAMP is an open source web application and development platform, mostly free for developing and deploying simple or complex database driven website on the server.

LAMP is the platform of choice for the rapid development in the global competitive market for deploying low-cost, reliable, scalable, secure web applications for small to large scale websites and web applications like:

  • Small corporate or Personal web site
  • Online Booking or Reservation System
  • Web application
  • Data Warehousing &Management
  • E-commerce website or E-Catalogue Solutions
  • Enterprise Management systems
  • Real Estate Website or MLS Integrated Real Estate Web Solutions
  • Human Resources web applications
  • Community portal
  • Knowledge Management Solution
  • Content Management Systemv
  • XML Web services based web application and websites
  • B2B/ B2C Solution
  • Enterprise level application
  • Supply Chain / CRM / Logistic Solution
  • AJAX based web application

Though the originators of these open source programs did not design them all to work specifically with each other, the combination has become popular because of its low acquisition cost and because of the ubiquity of its components (which come bundled with most current Linux distributions). When used in combination they represent a solution stack of technologies that support application servers.

  • Very low cost compared to other technologies
  • Best for for Web applications
  • GNU public licensing
  • LAMP has been proven faster, more flexible, and easier than any alternative
  • LAMP available as free software]

Why Using Open Source LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Web Development is Best?

With more and more complicated sites coming to the internet, you can create functional and attractive websites. When you receive proposals from your developer, you can choose LAMP which is the best technology available today. Today internet has large number of opportunities for creation and management of a website. Now you can build a website absolutely free and open source with Linux Apache MySQL PHP, popularly known and abbreviated as LAMP, a powerful and common bundle of technology components.

The combined components of LAMP viz.

  • Linux is a very popular operating system
  • MySQL is a database
  • Apache is a web server
  • PHP is a scripting language.

Choosing LAMP is the best way for you to gain complete control and power over your web site. You can get started with the free scripts, examples etc., which are available on the web site, by taking help of tools and free editors. A web hosting company can make a good profit margin with less cost involved in it since LAMP is absolutely open sourced. Now you have got a big choice before you to choose from a large number of web hosting providers.

How does LAMP Work ?

LAMP is singularly focused towards Web applications. The architecture is very straightforward, as illustrated in Figure. Linux forwards HTTP connections to Apache, which serves static content directly from the Linux kernel. Dynamic pages are forwarded by Apache to PHP, which runs the PHP code to design the page. Database queries are sent to MySQL through PHP. Administration is commonly handled through phpMyAdmin, and every major enterprise management system can manage Apache and Linux.

LAMP Architecture

There are numerous resources on the Web explaining how to quickly build a LAMP application. Most developers are productive within hours of installing the LAMP stack.